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LearnMe CETA Learnerships

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CETA Learnerships

CETA stands for construction seta Education and Training Authority. LearnMe provides CETA learnerships to the construction sector of South Africa. Our services ensure that all the people in the construction industry that are taught by us meet the requirements of this industry. We offer hands-on training to a lot of businesses within this business and construction seta provide well-educated folks to the work force.

CETA Learnerships Accessible

CETA learnerships usually comprise most areas which have an effect on the construction market. Our programs offer selected candidates, theoretical and practical training, improving the educational process.

CETA Learnership Requirements

Below are listed some of those criteria that candidates must fulfill in order to be eligible for the learnership application provided by CETA. Candidates must meet all requirements prior to making their application.


Nominees must have a valid ID publication or construction seta record
Applicants must hold a legal Grade 12 certification
Must provide proof of residence
Learners with disability must provide medical certification for handicap
All applications must be accompanied by a complete CV and all necessary documentation. Late or ceta learnerships incomplete applications will not be looked at.

CETA Learnerships Program

Applicants have to make sure that all detail they provide is up-to-date and appropriate. All requested documentation must be certified copies rather than the originals. All areas of this program has to be completed in full and submitted along with requested documentation and the candidate's CV.
Closing dates of their learnership opportunities are only available once they open. Thus, candidates can frequently look on our site for the opening of your learnership programs. Candidates are requested to simply submit their advice, CV, and applications once their learnership applications open and are made accessible on our site.

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