Why You Need BBBEE Consulting Services

by BillDunkel84717500413 posted Jul 12, 2019


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The expression bee consultants, short for BBBEE, or Broad-Based Black Economic Empowerment, is frequently tossed about in business circles -- with no proper comprehension of what it is all about. BBBEE has become a bit of a bogeyman, with truths, concern and hesitation abounding in talks concerning it. However, BBBEE is, overall, a very positive social initiative which can benefit everyone -- not just, as is often presumed, bee consultants a small sector of society. Good consulting services can go a long way towards dispelling the myths and confusion which surround the coverages, and help you to get the most out of them. The underlying aim of this legislation has always been to influence positive transformation from the company world and increased society, addressing the legacy of apartheid and empowering greater black economic participation. In contrast to popular belief, it is not compulsory for a company to obtain a BBBEE certificate -- it is a completely voluntary process. But doing so brings with it a lot of advantages.
For one thing, it means that you and your company are doing your part for transformation -- and this can really be added to your marketing materials, as it produces a fantastic impression. It proves that you care and are dedicated to change.
Another advantage -- in actuality, maybe the biggest advantage, of owning a BBBEE certificate is being able to conduct business with the government industry, such as municipalities, as well as public entities. A certification permits a company to tender -- opening new chances for work.
A additional benefit of owning a BBBEE certificate is having a significantly higher prospect of securing contracts with large businesses, since they are encouraged to do business with smaller BBBEE-compliant businesses. A certification also, crucially, permits you to participate as a provider in the profitable chain of preferential procurement.
Including all the benefits that a company stands to gain from BBBEE compliance, so you may wonder why not everybody is on board. The primary rationale is that the laws can be a small minefield to navigate. The most thought can create stress and be offputting for many companies. The upgrades to the legislation last year made things much stricter and led to changes in requirements and categories to the scorecard -- most of which can seem intimidatingly complicated.
When calculating the BBBEE scorecard, which comprises eight amounts ranked in order of excellence from a single downwards, a thorough comprehension of the legislative demands is essential.
To make the most of the benefits of a BBBEE scorecard in the simplest way possible, and to acquire a clear understanding of the legislation and how it works, BBBEE consulting services are highly recommended. They make the procedure a lot simpler and hassle-free.


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