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220158 Sexy Womens Footwear - Heels As A Substitute Of Flip-Flops WPBLane51920210 2019.08.14 2
220157 Mongomery Recalled, "I Kept Checking My Teeth And Wiping My Nose And Hoping That Nothing Was Anywhere Inappropriate, Because I Knew She Would Never, Ever Forget It|"I Don't Remember My Name Most Of The Time|I Saw Her Six Months Later, She T JeannetteBunch308 2019.08.14 12
220156 State Financial Institution Of India JeffreyParham252 2019.08.14 0
220155 Many Communities Have Little Electricity And No Running Water KrystleWoodriff9 2019.08.14 3
220154 In The Morning, I Begin The Day With Wallace Stevens' "The Necessary Angel: Essays On Reality And Imagination." I'm Almost Finished With It, So Soon My Mornings Will Begin With A Galley Of "The Bellwether Revivals," A Novel By A D BlancaHake703114 2019.08.14 3
220153 In The 1980s, Douglas Was The Fictional Face Of Wall Street Excess EdmundDuff374254 2019.08.14 4
220152 {China Says It's Attempting To Bridge Rich|He's Promising What He Calls A "great Renaissance Of The Chinese Nation." NikiAlonso7162662 2019.08.14 5
220151 Galarneau Said There Are No Security Measures In Place At The Jail To Prevent A Helicopter From Swooping Down From Above AutumnBailey36523006 2019.08.14 4
220150 And Europe Refuse To Arm The Rebels For Fear Weapons Could End Up In The Hands Of Islamic Extremists SherlynNgabidj7168 2019.08.14 9
220149 China, Like The U.S., Is Struggling To Bridge The Gap Between The Wealthy And The Poor. China -- Called "the Communist Workers' Paradise" -- Is Freely Admitting That In The Economic Boom It Left Its Workers Behind. So Now, The New Chine ClydeR274581034705386 2019.08.14 8
220148 His Action Provoked An Immediate And Overwhelmingly Negative Response On Social Media LaverneSharrow9 2019.08.14 3
220147 "They Can Become Everything For You When You Want Them To Aida41N60907612765 2019.08.14 15
220146 Steering Wheel Controls Are Convenient Once You Upgrade Your Car Stereo GayHuntley4666813260 2019.08.14 10
220145 "Drifting House," By Krys Lee ReginaldPerron82125 2019.08.14 3
220144 We Are Both Dragon Energy ALJPasquale569919 2019.08.14 3
220143 Hair ExtensionsLace Front Wigs 71654 NellieHort26101702 2019.08.14 5
220142 Mongomery Recalled, "I Kept Checking My Teeth And Wiping My Nose And Hoping That Nothing Was Anywhere Inappropriate, Because I Knew She Would Never, Ever Forget It. ... I Saw Her Six Months Later, She Told Me What I Wore To Lunch, That I Was Lat DelKoj306785673686326 2019.08.14 9
» (CBS/AP) - Aretha Franklin Is No Longer Planning To Attend The Funeral For Whitney Houston Today In Newark, N.J MarilynGriffith5 2019.08.14 8
220140 But Rogers Denied That Removing The Capability To Use Chemical Weapons Would Require Deploying U.S. Troops To Syria. "We Have Lots Of Capabilities In The United States Arsenal, Where It Wouldn't Require Boots On The Ground... We Do Have The Abil SusanaRidgley59 2019.08.14 5
220139 "We Have A Whole History Here That's Not Looking Very The Past, Public Reports Have Shown That They've Taken Chemical Weapons And Configured Them In A Way That They Could Be Used At A Moment's Notice," Rogers Said, Addressing His VeldaBae77754224 2019.08.14 3
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